Best framing nailer type

Framing Nailer Types & Sizes: Know from an Expert

A nail gun is an instrument you use to drive nails in wooden places while doing construction projects. Not exclusively does a nail gun spare you one serious part of the time, it helps you to save yourself from serious injuries as well. Rather than multiple taps to get the nail in, you’ll require just a single from the nail gun and it’s in, easy peasy!

What is a framing nail gun?

The framing nail guns have demonstrated their viability for employment like substantial trim, cabinetwork, and furniture development. The craftsmen utilize this kind of nail guns for both DIY and commercial-grade framing assignments.

These nail guns are utilized on hard and thick materials. You can without much of a stretch bond too thick and hard materials together by utilizing this sort nail gun.

This guide is to help you find the best nail gun on the market. This guide consists of all the types and sizes of nail guns to help you find the best nail gun for your tasks.

Safety, the foremost important factor


Any apparatus can be perilous in the wrong hands. This is particularly so for instruments like this that can cause serious damage if mishandled. While nail guns have been intended to not fire unless the weight tip is first squeezed against the work, you can, at present, inadvertently tap it against something in case you’re squeezing the trigger too.

There are two kinds of shooting components in nail guns. One is double contact terminating, where the nail will fire as long as you hold down the trigger and press the nosing against the work. This enables you to fire a nail, move to the following spot and proceed with a progression of nails without releasing and re-press the trigger each time.

The other is consecutively terminating, which is somewhat more secure. This requires you to discharge the trigger to start with before each nail is let go. The nosing must be squeezed onto the work before the trigger will work. Changes in the security of nail guns are continuous.

Different type of nailer infographic

Kinds of framing nail guns

Different types of nail guns are available in the market, today. You can choose the best nail gun by considering your requirements. In any case, you may likewise get confounded, when the retailer will offer diverse kinds of framing nail guns. There are three kinds of framing nail guns and those kinds are explained below-

Pneumatic framing nail gun

The pneumatic framing nail guns are simple-to-operate nail guns. These are called pneumatic nail guns on the grounds that these are air compressor worked nail guns. The air compressor may build some of your costs. 

You can without much of a stretch change the power conveyed by the air compressor and control. You can check the PSI and after that pick an appropriate measure of energy to drive the nails in wood and different materials.

Gas framing nails guns

It is a fuel controlled nail gun that includes a fuel canister. It additionally contains a little battery that starts the fuel to run the cylinder. The cylinder runs and conveys energy to the nail gun. This isn’t a correct apparatus for the novice clients.

You ought not to buy it if you require nail guns solely for DIY applications. It has been intended for the accomplished and expert clients. It is convenient and it is reasonable for little activities like furniture repair work and woodworker occupations because of its small size and less capacity.

Electric framing nail guns

This nail gun works by utilizing electric power, provided through a capable battery to drive a cylinder. This nail gun can be utilized for different types of employment. You will never confront any kind of issue when you utilize this framing nail guns.

Indeed, it can likewise be utilized for some substantial obligation employments. It is heavier than the pneumatic framing nail gun and it is, additionally, costlier than other two kinds of framing nail guns. The experts pick this nail gun since it requires low upkeep and it offers a dependable administration.

Nail guns are very useful machinery but you have to consider certain things before purchasing any framing nail guns-

Nail size and compatibility

Most nail guns can drive the nails of 15 gauge, 16 gauge, 18 gauge, and 23 gauge measure. Therefore, consider the span of nails you will drive to select a nail gun that best suits your requirements.

Angled fire or straight fire?

The angled framing nail guns are minimized in a measure, more costly and drive the nails precisely. You ought to pick it when you need to drive thicker and D-molded head nails. You can introduce the most design trim when you utilize this sort of nail gun.

Types of Nail Guns

Depending on your requirement, you can choose from the following categories of nail guns or nailers-

Roofing nailer, finishing nailer, framing nailer, brad nailer, and a pin nailer. Brad nail guns are said to be a perfect tool for starters. Today, most nail guns are battery-powered. The biggest advantage of using a cordless, battery-operated device is the freedom of movement if offers.


Based on above factors, you can choose the best framing guns from the market and can handle your tasks easier and more accurately than ever before.