Best framing hammer review

Best Framing Hammer Reviews: And Buying Guide

A framing hammer is a staple tool in a carpenter’s and construction worker’s arsenal. You must be wondering what makes framing hammers different from traditional hammers. The answer is- driving force. These tools generally have a longer handle than regular hammers, resulting in a firmer grip. Earlier, it was believed that the heavier the framing hammer, the more effective it is. With the advent of new technologies and new materials, the concept has changed.

Today, even lightweight hammers can help you drive nails in a few passes. However, choosing the best framing hammer for your particular requirements and workload could be a challenge, even for the seasoned workers. So, after weeks of rigorous testing and in-depth research, we have compiled a list of the top framing hammers available in the market right now.

Best Framing Hammer Reviews In 2021

1. FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe Rip Claw Framing

Stanley 51-167 22-Ounce

If you want to go for a trusted name in the hammer industry, Stanley could be your go-to brand without a shadow of doubt. The product Stanley 51-167 FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe Rip Claw Framing Hammer is one of the best hammers from the Stanley Brand. The looks of the hammer speak of its quality and precision with which it has been built. The hammer can be effortlessly maneuvered without hurting your elbows and wrists..

Highlighted features

Torsion Control Grip

Though looks are not primary for a hammer, this beautiful piece does not only look good but works like a charm. The grip of the hammer is a vital stat to make your work easy. The Stanley 51-167 FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe Rip Claw Framing has a torsion control grip technology that reduces torque and gives you confidence while working.

The patented grip technology enhances the feel and performance. As consistent pressure transverses from the holding point to the head of the hammer, it also reduces the arms twist fatigue. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a long-term relationship with your hammer.

Anti-Vibe technology

Do you feel those vibrations tiring after prolonged use of the old hammer? The Stanley’s framing hammer is built upon the Patented AntiVibe technology that significantly reduces vibrations and impact of hammer shocks. The hammer causes minimum fatigue, thanks to the decreased effect of vibrations on wrist and elbows. The grip is slip resistant with flares and ribs. The grip avoids any accidents or performance reductions due to slipping.

Larger sweet spot

Tired of missing the nail head? With 20% larger sweet spot, Stanley’s hammer gives you more control over your task. A larger head makes sure your blows are more powerful, hence reducing your work durations and giving you more precise work control.

Magnetic nail start

If you single-handedly want to whack the nail into the surface, Stanley’s hammer will get your job done with its magnetic nail start. It gives you an extended reach for getting the job done.

Rim Temper

The Rim temper is reduced to C45 Rockwell to ensure a reduction in chipping and spalling. With rim tempering, the rim will not have to absorb the full blow, hence, no chip break off.

Robust build

The hammer is there to stay long with you. The single forged graphite core into one-piece steel construction renders strength and durability to the hammer. The hammer is precision balanced to give you a greater control over the cutting action.

Hammer weight

At 22-ounce head weight, the Rip-claw hammer is not heavy, and therefore, you can use it tirelessly. Built on a graphite core, notably the handle weight does not add to the overall weight.

Wrapping up

The 51-167 FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe Rip Claw Framing Hammer would make is an ideal tool for beginners and pros, alike. With the precision it has been built, the hammer makes your laborious work seems effortless and tireless. It is the choicest one for getting those nails into place without missing heads and chipping the surface of your favorite wall or furniture.

2. Estwing E-3 22S Hammer Smooth Face

Estwing Framing Hammer - 22 oz Smooth Face

The Estwing E3-22S 22 oz. is a perfect blend of easy maneuverability and solid build. Voted as the framing hammer for its robust build, it is extensively used in professional framing tasks. Estwing is a leading brand in designing and manufacturing of most durable and comfortable tools.

Established in 2001, Estwing has been the pioneer in making shock proof hammers. Estwing E3-22S is a perfect example of the ergonomically perfect tool designed to suit the purpose of carpentry. If you are planning to buy one of these, read our detailed review first to make an informed decision-

Highlighted features

Cushioned Grip

One of the most notable features of E-3 22S Hammer is its Shock Reduction Grip. A poor grip is the last thing you would want in a tool like this. The shocks generated by continuous usage of hammer damage the muscles and tendons of the hand. With the patented nylon-vinyl Shock reduction grip molded on the handle, Estwing claims to reduce 70% of the vibrations.

With the bonded nylon grip, the force output to input ratio is optimized protecting the craftsmen from Cumulative trauma disorder and injuries. With the durable rubber compound, the Grip resists any vibration that might get passed from the handle to the user’s hand. The blow impact is cushioned before its harm to wrists and elbows. The bonding of grip is such that it does not come off quickly.

Forged Hammer

E3-22S is made of 1-piece forged steel. It is made of an alloy that renders strength and long life to the hammer core. What’s so special about forged steel you ask? Well, forging also enhances the ductility, resistance and fatigue resistance in the metal. All these things add to the toughness of the hammer body.

Design Balancing

The combination of a long handle and thick head might make you question the equipment’s maneuverability. After testing the product extensively for an entire week, we found the ergonomic handle to be aptly balanced to increase the control of force. With the design balancing, the hammer has a very high striking power. This aspect makes it perfect for framing purpose as with high velocity, it draws a nail quickly into the lumber.

Smooth face

The face of the hammer is very smooth. The advantage of using a smooth face hammer is it does not leave any marring on the wood surface. It does slip off the nail heads, but that can be handled by roughing it against the concrete in short durations. With the Smoothly faced hammers, it is easy to frame your fine furniture that gets easily marred by the milled face hammer.

Rip Claws

The Rip Claws make the hammer multifunctional. You can use it to pull off the nails or pry a crowbar. This rip tip does not have a magnetic to hold the nails, but also it does not cause any spark if used on any metal surface. This is important if you intend to use it for industrial applications.

Wrapping up

The E3-22S hammer has an excellent impact effect and the weight distribution giving you hours of tireless working. It has strong and precise grip it works as a heavy-duty claw hammer. With the balancing act, it provides more force in each blow making your job quicker. Estwing E3-22SM 22 Hammer has made its impact on the craftsmen community as one of the best, if not the best hammer money can buy.

3. FatMax over-strike Framing Review

Stanley 51-403 22-Ounce-1

Stanley is a brand to be trusted as it has survived the fierce competition for several decades, delivering quality, reliable, innovative hand tools at a reasonable price. If you are looking for the best top framing hammer for mostly low-key but occasionally strenuous framing tasks, Stanley undoubtedly supports you with the right tool. Stanley 51-403 22 ounces FatMax over-strike Framing Hammer is a best for the craftsmen for the framing jobs. A rigorously tested and improvised design makes Stanley 51-403 the most trusted tool with quality and maximum function. To know everything good, bad and in between about this product, keep reading.

Highlighted features

Hickory handle Grip:

The perfect hickory wood handle leads to a drastic shock reduction. Wood handle is the lightest of all hammer handles and is easily replaceable if breaks. Hickory wood is the perfect choice for a beautiful tool handle. It absorbs little minimal reflection and prevents the cracking of the handle. Stanley 51-403 is perfect to carry around with lightweight and gives a nice firm feel. The handle withstands vibrations and shock from constant pounding and is perfect for use under all weather conditions.

The wood handles do not splinter while in use as the fiber handles. If you feel the handle getting little slippery, just roughen it with sandpaper. You can carve the wood handle to fit in your grip. Wood handles offer good energy transfer and enhance the productivity. Hickory wood handles are stronger than plastic hammers, thus, extending the longevity of the hammer handle.

Radial wedges

The Stanley 51-403 hammer has radial wedges that hold the head and handle and ensure the long life of hammer.

Long handle

Long handle hammers are perfect for the framing as they yield more precision to the job. With a longer handle, you can deliver higher striking force and reduce your labor time.

Forged head

The hammer has a forged and heat treated head that further increases the durability of the hammerhead.

Rim temper

The Rim temper of this hammer is reduced to C45 Rockwell. A lower Rockwell figure ensures less chipping and spalling. The tempered rim absorbs the partial blow and protects chip break-offs that ruin your lumbar and may harm your eyes too.

Flared head

The flared head of the hammer ensures more surface contact with the nail head while striking promising optimal nail driving work.

Magnetic nail start

The magnetic nail start feature offers you one-handed nail placement and longer reach to pull off the nails.

Checker face design

The checker-face design provides anti-slip head. When you strike the nail, the hammer does not slip off unless you are inattentive. It reduces the risk of potential accidents while improving your performance manifold.

Overstrike protection

The forged steel head of the hammer has a double layer of overstrike protection giving your hammer handle more life.

Wrapping up

Stanley 51-403 22 ounces FatMax over-strike Framing Hammer is a solid framing hammer with a natural feel of premium hickory wood hammers. The forged head gives more life to the hammer and makes your task less laborious with a natural shock absorbing handle. The double wedge head to handle assembly makes sure the hammer lasts for years with minimal maintenance.

4. Estwing E3-22SM Framing Hammer

Estwing Framing Hammer - 22 oz Smooth Face

The Estwing E3-22SM 22 oz Framing Hammer with Milled Face & Shock Reduction Grip is the perfect choice if you are looking for precision and comfort combined with one tool. Estwing has been in this biz since 2001. Estwing E3-22SM is the most durable and comfortable hammer offered to highest possible standards.

Regarded as the perfect framing hammer by Estwing by many industry experts, this model beholds many patented innovations that can make your craftsmen job much easier. It is best for framing purposes due to its heavy duty rip hammer that has a straight claw.

Highlighted features

Shock Reduction Grip

The 22 oz. Rip Hammer has a bonded and molded Shock nylon-vinyl Reduction Grip which is a patent innovation. The grip reduces shock up to 70%, thus protecting your wrists and elbows from the vibrations while working. The geometry, texture and the hardness of the grip are perfect for long working hours.

The handle is one of the biggest strengths of this product. The design of the handle itself is very appealing and soft to touch. The wall thickness of the handle grip is pitch-perfect. Moreover, the shock resistant handle ensures less fatigue.

Forged Hammer

The head and handle of Estwing E3-22SM are forged in 1-piece and are fully polished to give this steel hammer has a long life. It is the art of forging that gives this hammer its characteristics including its improved core strength. This hammer tool provides a great balance and temper, yielding longer life to the hammer core.

​Balanced Design

Long handle and massive head make the Estwing E3-22SM perfect for framing jobs. The design balancing gives the hammer high striking power for driving large and common nails. The longer handle ensures the increased torque that consequently leads to more power. This, in turn, results in a reduced arm fatigue and negligible risk of developing Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

Milled face

The face of the hammer has a waffle-like appearance. The milled face reduces the slip off from head nails and allows driving the large nails quickly into a piece of lumber. Quite evidently, it is designed to reduce the occurrence of flying nails when used to frame the unexposed wood. Just be careful the milled face does not blow the fine wood piece again and again to avoid any marring of the wood surface.

Rip Claws

The claws of the hammer are Rip claws. Rip Claws are preferred by the framing and ripping artisans as it serves the dual purpose of ripping and framing. It can be used to pull off nails, pry the crowbar apart and lumber splitting.

Polished head and anti-slip grip

 The head of the hammer is polished and neat. The Anti-slip grip ensures it does not slip while you are working. It helps you avoid nasty accidents and drastically improves your overall productivity.

The Bottom Line

The Estwing E3-22SM 22 oz Framing Hammer with Milled Face & Shock Reduction Grip framing hammer is a heavy duty claw hammer, best suited for commercial-grade framing tasks. It is known to provide more force for the job making it quicker.

Certainly, the number of swings you will need to draw any nail would be lesser and hence, make Estwing E3-22SM 22 as the best hammer in its class. It is a device with which you can work for long hours without letting your arm feel tired with less slipping of nails.

5. Stiletto TI14MC 14-Ounce Titanium Framing Hammer Review:

Stiletto Tools, Inc. TI14MC Titan 14-OunceTitanium Framing Hammer With Curved Handle

Stiletto TI14MC 14-Ounce Titanium Framing Hammer is craftsmen believed to be perfect framing hammer for intermediate and seasoned users, alike. Since 1849, Stiletto has been master of making tools that get the job done with least effort and optimal precision. Stiletto TI14MC is a class in itself.

The striking tool offers you improved balance, durability, better performance with better control and accuracy. To help you figure out whether this particular hammer is worth your money or not, we have put this tool to rigorous tests for weeks. We have done the hard part, now it’s your turn to do the due diligence which entails carefully reading this review.

Highlighted features:

Titanium heads:

Titanium heads are lighter than the steelhead by almost 45%. No wonder the TI14MC is one of the most portable framing hammers we have tested so far. However, weight is not the only aspect of choosing Titanium; it offers 10 times lesser recoil than the steel.

A steel hammer transfers 30% of its kinetic energy to the recoil vibration. This vibration transfers to the user’s wrist, elbow, and entire arm. The prolonged use of steel hammers may cause Carpal Tunnel syndrome or other stress-induced injuries. With a titanium head, the whole kinetic energy created by the swing is transferred to the nail, saving the user from the recoil damages. So, without being heavy and using more force, you can drive the nails with great accuracy.

Milled face

The waffle-like appearance of the hammer face is called a milled hammer. Stiletto TI14MC has a milled face that reduces the missing of hammer face on the nail heads. A milled face allows driving the large nails quickly into a job piece as the slips are almost nil.

If you are scared of flying nails during the framing task, pick up this hammer you will not even miss a single blow. The only disadvantage of a milled face is, do not use it on your fine furniture as it will mar the beautiful surface of the wood.

Curved Axe Style Hickory handle

Hickory wood handles are primitive but the best one. Although the titanium head allows minimalistic shocks passed to the user’s arm, the hickory handle further dampens the shock effect. The hickory wood handle is very light and is easily replaceable if damaged. With Titanium head, the Hickory handle has a prolonged life and does not crack easily.

The wood handle absorbs the residual vibrations and shock from constant usage. Thus, the user does not have to face sore arms at the end of the day’s job. Hickory wood handles are stronger than rubber covered hammers. Hickory wood handles with curves make a perfect striking tool handle. The grip and the feel both are excellent.

Straight claw Design

The Stiletto TI14MC’s straight claw design makes it perfect for framing jobs. Due to the straight claw, it has more leverage and power and will make your nail driving task quicker and easier. It is a perfect choice for all the aggressive jobs.

Magnetic nail starter

The Titanium head has a magnetic nail start feature. You can one-handedly do the nail placements and quickly pull off the nails at a distance.

A lightweight professional hammer is easy to pocket while working. The titanium head gives it a lead ahead of the competition. It is lightweight but strong enough to drive the long nails quickly. It is the choicest hammer of the Professional Craftsmen.

Sum up

This lightweight framing hammer that is extremely easy to operate. It also comes with a nail extractor which comes handy for pulling rough framing nails. If you are looking for a tool for learning the art and science of framing, you should definitely consider this product.

If the handle feels a bit slippery after prolonged hours of usage, you can easily get a spare handle with a firmer grip to fix the problem. For people with certain physical limitations or lack of expertise in using advanced tools, this could well be the best hammer for money.

6. PinkBox PB12HM 12-Ounce Claw Hammer Review:

Pink Box PB12HM 12-Ounce Claw Hammer

The market has multitude choices for hammers. Therefore, picking up the one that caters to your particular framing needs can be tedious. The PinkBox PB12HM 12-Ounce Claw Hammer is packed with a number of practical features to make your job easy. It is regarded as the perfect framing hammer by many hardcore users because of its sturdy build, affordability and job satisfaction. To get an in-depth knowledge of this product, have a quick look at our detailed review.

Highlighted features:

Easy grip rubber handle

The hammer has a rubber grip that adheres very well to the handle of the hammer. Some small convolutions on the rubber grip are perfect for an extra grip control. The rubber handle gives you a warmer feel when compared to a plastic grip. In fact, rubber is considered be a very shock absorbent material. It absorbs the vibrations caused by a continuous pounding of the framing hammer. Protects the user’s arms from the impacts of vibration on wrist and elbow and reduces the after work muscle soreness.  It is easily replaceable in case it tears apart.

Fiberglass core with resin coating

PB12HM hammer has a fiberglass core with resin coating offering you perfect shock absorption. The fiber core absorbs the kinetic energy of the hammer swing, and it saves your muscles from the excess stress that could cause significant damage after prolonged use of striking tools. They are very durable and can sustain heavy jobs very well.

The resin coat wards off any corrosion and adds to the longevity. The fiberglass core is completely shatterproof and gives long life to your hammer. So, with PB12HM, you do not have to look for a quick replacement even after years of heavy impact work. Fiberglass is light and gives you a hammer with a perfect head-handle balance.

Smooth face

The face of the hammer is perfectly smooth, and this is a huge advantage or the builders and contractors. The smooth hammer face does not mar the delicate wood surface, unlike most other similarly priced hammers. The disadvantage of the smooth face is the slip off. The slip offs can be handled, all you need to do is roughen it against the concrete to create a friction that gives you a frictional contact with the nail head and does not let it slip.

Magnetic nail holder

The magnetic tip nail holder helps you do the nail placements single-handedly, and you can pull off the nails at the long distance as well.


The claw hammer head helps you pull off the nails and rip off the lumber.


The affordability of the hammer is its biggest pros. The craftsmen and DIY workers appreciate it for its performance vs. price ratio.

Design Balancing

With a long handle and heavy head, the hammer is very precise. The design balancing gives you increased control of force and high striking power. The design balancing makes the hammer easy to swing and adds no fatigue to your arm even after prolonged usage. This enhances your work performance as you can get your job done quickly and tirelessly.


The PinkBox PB12HM PinkBox PB12HM 12-Ounce Claw Hammer is best suited for low-key framing jobs. If you are a hobbyist who likes to do DIY framing in spare time, this could well be the right product for you. The machine is in the grey zone between lightweight and heavy-duty which adds to the overall usability. Even if it is not the best hammer for money, it certainly gives a good value for money if your requirements are limited to DIY applications.

7. Stiletto TB15MC TiBone 15-Ounce Titanium Milled-Face Hammer Review:

Stiletto TB15MC TiBone 15-Ounce-1

Stiletto TB15MC TiBone 15-Ounce Titanium Milled-Face Hammer is the best hammer in its price-point for a lot of reasons. What these reasons are will be our subject of discussion throughout the entire review. Stiletto has mastered the art of making titanium striking tools since 1849.

The striking tool is known for its incredible strength and lightweight which keeps the impact of the tool unaffected, nonetheless. It a powerful professional hammer for the framing job. If you too are thinking about purchasing this product, read our review to obtain a better understanding of this framing hammer.

Highlighted features:

Titanium Frame

Titanium one-piece frame hammer is 200% stronger than the conventional Wood hammers. Titanium hammers are 45% lighter than steel hammers. Titanium is perfect for making strong lightweight hammers. The titanium hammers deliver 97% of the kinetic energy to the nail head while swinging increasing your productivity. Titanium is perfect for damping the recoil shocks of hammer pounding.

It absorbs 10 times more recoil than the steel hammers. The Titanium hammer transfers less vibrations to the wrist, elbow, and shoulder of the craftsmen. The prolonged pounding of hammers causes Carpal Tunnel syndrome and other stress-induced injuries.

With a titanium framer hammer 30% more energy is transferred in driving the nail and a significantly lesser recoil is faced. Titanium offers you best strength/weight ratio, as the hammer is lightweight it can be swung easily without fatigue hence increasing your productivity. It is perfect for prolonged outdoor use as Titanium is entirely rust-free.

Milled hammer

The face of the hammer has waffle-like appearance. Stiletto TB15MC is called a milled hammer because of the face. The milled face provides more friction between the nail head and the face of the hammer. It reduces the missing of nail head while pounding the hammer.

With a milled face you can drive the large nails quickly with same effort. As the nail head misses are less, you do not have to be scared of flying nails. While the milled face enhances your productivity, it causes marring of your beautiful delicate wood surface and those marks are difficult to get rid of.

Replaceable steel hammer Face 

The hammer face is the part of hammer that faces maximum wear and tear. Instead of rendering your entire hammer useless because of the worn out head, Stiletto offers you a replaceable steel hammer face. Once the face is replaced, your hammer is set to all new jobs.

Curved Axe grip Rubber Grip

The TB15 MC TiBone Hammer has a Shock Reduction rubber Grip. The shocks by continuous usage of hammer are very harmful for the muscles and tendons. The curved Axe Rubber Grip reduces vibrations and provides a comfortable grip to reduce the arm fatigue. The force output to input ratio meets a proper balance that protects the craftsmen from any injuries. The durable rubber compound gives long life to the rubber grip.

Signature Magnetic Nailhead

The Titanium head has a signature magnetic nail start feature. The feature supports one-handed nail placements and helps you quickly pull off the nails even from a long distance.

Side Nail Puller

 Framing job requires quite some nail pulling. The patented 180 degree side nail puller feature gives offers more flexibility during concrete work.


This Stilleto framing hammer has everything, from power, durability to flexibility, rolled into one equipment. It can be swung by both elderly and young folks with equal ease. What makes it truly the perfect framing hammer in its league is the distribution of weight. You can swing it all day long without causing severe fatigue or muscle sprain.

8. Estwing E20S 20 oz. Framing Hammer Review:


The Estwing E20S 20 oz. is a world class framing hammer. It is robust and finds it place in highly professional framing tasks or DIY tasks. Estwing has been a leader since 2001 for designing and manufacturing most rugged, durable and comfort rendering tools. Estwing is known for striking tool world as a pioneer of patents since 2001 and has offered the best framing hammers. Estwing E20S 20 oz. boasts of an ergonomically sound design, perfect for effortless framing jobs for prolonged hours.

Highlighted features:

Cushioned Leather Grip

The E-20S 20 Oz. Hammer has a Shock Reduction Grip. The vibrations and shock created due to continuous usage of hammer cause many stress injuries to the arms. The patented leather grip is more durable and age resistant and with proper care, it can last for more than 5 years. The grip is cushioned on rubber to reduce the impact of vibrations significantly.

The leather is a low maintenance handle. The leather grip works fine even in sweaty hands. Just need to wipe it and it does not slip like rubber. The leather has a tacky and secure grip. As leather offers less torque, you can have a better control of the hammer and a firm grip.

Forged Hammer

E-20S is a single 1-piece forged steel. As the forged steel hammer that has no joint, it has a long life. It is made of an alloy of steel and carbon that renders strength and durability to the hammer core. Forging core is more ductile and fatigue-resistant. Forging increases the directional toughness of the hammer body and makes it more apt for the framing job.

Ergonomic Design

The hammer has precise percussions. The ergonomic Long handle and heavy head is precisely balanced to increase the control of force and your productivity. The hammer has a very high striking power and as it is lightweight, it is able to add more kinetic energy with every swing. It is a perfect framing hammer that drives nails quicker and with minimal effort.

Smooth face

The hammer has a very smooth face. The smooth face makes it perfect hammer to work on delicate lumber as it does not mar the surface of the wood. It does slip off the nail heads while striking. You can handle missing the nail heads by roughing it against the concrete for short durations.

Straight Claw Hammer​​​​ 

The Estwing has a straight claw design making it a preferred choice for framing jobs. It has more leverage and power pertaining to the straight claw. If you are looking for a hammer that does aggressive jobs E20S is the perfect one.


Estwing has been a leading striking tool manufacturer focusing on enhancing the striking power and lowering the shock and vibrations that cause fatigue and stress-related issues. Estwing E20S is the decent framing hammer for heavy-duty framing jobs, highly recommended for the professional craftsmen. The hammer is rugged and robust for heavy duty jobs and prolonged exposure to work does not mar its strength as it is made of forged steel core. It would be a perfect choice if you are looking for a framing hammer that’ll withstand heavy abuse for years.

9. Vaughan CF2HC Framing Hammer Review:

Vaughan & Bushnell CF2HC

Vaughan has been the manufacturer of premium striking hand tools for decades. Vaughan hammers are known to be extensively field tested and improvised to provide better performance and comfort. Vaughan CF2HC is claimed to be the best framing hammer by quite a few professionals around the globe. Its manufacturing process makes these hammers an ideal suit for hardcore building and framing jobs. Read our in-depth review to know this product inside out before purchasing, in case you are planning on doing so.

Highlighted features:

Shock Absorption

Vaughan has recognized the shock absorbing qualities of superior hickory wood. Vaughan CF2HC hammers feature Shock-Blok, one of the most noteworthy features of this product. The handle is made of shock-absorbing hickory and the rubber insert in the head, Vaughan’s patent technology. The constant hard pounding of hammer causes shocks to be generated that causes stress in arms. The Shock-Blok patent of Vaughan hammer absorbs all the shock which makes it unique.

Vaughan’s CF2HC is a professional hickory handle hammers. It has an exclusive triple-wedge design made of the hickory wedge and two steel wedges. The head-handle assembly is made secure with the implementation of moisture control in the handle.

Large striking face

The hammer face is comparatively larger making and the bevel on the striking face of hammers reduces the chipping. The hammer is very safe to use. The face is crowned and milled. It drives the nails without missed heads and being crowned it does not mar the wood surface. The larger face avoids any nail deflection and bending.

Carbon steel head 

The head of the hammer is made of heat treated carbon and steel. Carbon hardened steel is correctly hardened for the striking tools. It has right hardness and toughness to do the framing job.

Long handle

The CF2HC is long Hickory handle hammer that has a slightly narrowed grip section and has a bell end that provides strong grips for the hard blows of framing job.

The hickory handle is made of best high-density hickory wood. The Long handle hammers are perfect for the framing job. They yield better precision and higher striking force this reduces your job time.

Swept Claw

Claws on Vaughan hammers are double-beveled. The forged steel bevel is not as hard as the face. It provides clearance, allowing the claws to slip easily under nail heads that are too close to the wood surface. The precision-ground bevel firmly grips nails of all sizes.

Balance design

A Long handle and heavy head the hammer has very precise percussions. The ergonomic hickory wood handle is adjusted precisely to increase the control of force. With the design balancing, the hammer has a very high striking power. This aspect makes it perfect for framing purpose as with high velocity, it draws a nail quickly into the lumber.

Wrapping up

The Vaughan CF2HC hammer has a superior impact effect as it is made of hardened steel. The proper weight distribution of the hammer allows an excellent balance, helping you survive hours of tireless working. It has a precise grip and works as a heavy-duty framing hammer. It provides more force in each blow and makes your job quicker. Vaughan CF2HC has left an impression on the craftsmen community as the best one for framing job at a moderate budget.

Framing Hammer Infographic

Best framing hammer review

The Bottom Line

The current market is saturated with products that combine the best of user-friendliness and efficiency. What makes one particular product the best for you is its ability to meet your specific demands. The best framing hammer for money uses the best-in-class material that will boost your overall productivity by reducing fatigue. It will also last for years despite aggressive use. Hope our reviews will help you narrow down the options.